recipes | The ham producer Lokev na Krasu 

Ham rolls with figs, rocket, cheese and honey
(for beginners)

There are days when you want something special, delicious and juicy, low in calories, especially something that makes you happy. You want to get pampered.

For 16 pieces you need:

– 16 slices of karst ham from the manufacturer HAM PRODUCTION LOKEV (cured 12 or 16 months),
– 8 small fresh figs (exceptionally dry),
– at least 32 rocket leaves,
– goat’s cheese or fresh cheese (16 pieces the size of a teaspoon),
– a little homemade honey (acacia),
– peppercorns as required.

First spread the slice of Lokev ham from the producer HAM PRODUCTION LOKEV and place at least 2 rocket leaves, half a fig and some goat’s cheese on it. If desired, sprinkle with peppercorns and then roll. Sprinkle the appetizer with honey before serving. Toasted bread is perfect with it.

Ham with asparagus
(for beginners)

The season will come when asparagus appears in the shelves. This is the time of cleansing and awakening. Excellent appetizers with wonderful taste can also be prepared with ingredients that have a positive effect on our organism.

For 16 pieces you need:

– 16 slices of karst ham from the manufacturer HAM PRODUCTION LOKEV (cured 12 or 16 months),
– 16 pieces asparagus,
– balsamic vinegar.

Clean the asparagus and cook it in a pot with salted water (al dente). When appropriately cooled, wrap them in slices of ham, which have been spread on the working surface before. For an even better taste, we recommend frying everything quickly in butter. Then allow to cool. Before serving, sprinkle with balsamic vinegar.

Fried eggs in a ham form
(for beginners)

For a good start of the day you should prepare fried eggs in a small bowl of ham.

You need (1 piece):

– 2 slices of Lokev ham from the HAM PRODUCTION LOKEV,
– 1 fresh egg,
– a slice of cheese – if desired (recommended mozzarella),
– salt and pepper,
– finely chopped fresh parsley or chives.

Use a baking form for muffins and oil it. Place the two ham slices in the cavity one above the other so that the cavity is covered. Place the raw egg and cheese in it. Salt and pepper the egg and bake it. Before serving, sprinkle with chopped parsley or chives.

(for beginners)

In the summer, when guests come to visit, we grill Cevapcici, cutlets and the like. Be different and surprise your friends with Ražnjiči that will leave an unforgettable impression.

We need (4 pieces):

– 16 slices of Karst dried ham from the HAM PRODUCTION LOKEV,
– 8 fresh figs (the figs may be replaced by pears),
– 16 small pieces Brie cheese (can be also Mozzarella or as you like),
– skewers for the Ražnjiči.

Wrap cheese and a half fig (or other fruit) into the ham. In this way form 16 balls and put four on a skewer. Bake on a hot grill on all sides. Serve hot!

Dry plums in Pancetta
(for beginners)

When meeting with friends, a snack is always a good idea.

We need (20 pieces):

– 20 slices Lokev Pancetta from the HAM PRODUCTION LOKEV,
– 20 dry plums without stone,
– little butter.

Wrap the dried plum into a slice Pancetta and fix it with a toothpick. Then fry in a greased pan from all sides. The snack can be served both hot and cold.